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About the final exhibition work of Jana Marie Cariddi.

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Off the Grid and in the Clouds

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Would you explain about your works for the exhibition?

I wanted to make artworks that represented the place, Ubuyama, a magical place. At first, I started to paint not the smaller ones but the big paintings. Something stuck in my memories like shrine, Ubuyama Onsen, Higotai and Kotatsu. Major symbols for me in Japan because I don’t have them in my own country. It’s very different from where I grew up, so I wanted to take things which are very special to me and make my own experience. I also wanted to use food in Ubuyama and make something you can understand the culture how special it is in Japanese culture so much older than America. We don’t have this rich food culture that Japan has. Especially in Ubuyama they eat from the land very local and grow them by themselves so there are lots of heart and soul from the food and that’s why I put the eye to make food like a person. I wanted to capture that Japan is spiritual. In Japan, everything has a god so everything that I made has an eye like god.

How was your impression of Aso?

I love it. Such a different culture experience, I would never gotten this opportunity to come to Aso if I didn’t know about this residency. It is such a beautiful place, and so special. I think south of Japan, the community is strong, its not busy like a big city. Everybody knows each other and its funny driving on the street and you see somebody driving by and wave your hands and its so nice, I love it. Aso is beautiful and I’ve never seen anything like this in my life, never!






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Final Exhibition

Thank you very much for coming to our Final Exhibition ‼️It was a great success.
there was a workshop by an American artist, Bill Claps from New York, who stays in Aso City.
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There was a workshop by Bill Claps.

昨夜はニューヨークでヴィジュアルアーティストとしてのみならず、様々な分野で活躍する阿蘇市滞在アーティスト、ビル クラブスさんのワークショップでした!!
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Florent Poussineauさんのアートパフォーマンスが開催されました。

昨夜は Florent Poussineau さんの料理に依るアートパフォーマンスがおこなわれました。料理というメディアに日本の印象や地形などを盛り込み、ひな祭りからヒントを得た雛壇も自作し、雛壇に座る人たちと正面で座る一人の人との間の関係性を通じて、大切にすべきこととはなにかを問いかける作品になっていました。
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Today was a halloween party.

Today was a halloween party at Jana Marie Cariddi 's residence in Ubuyama village. Party between hard work, everybody enjoyed it.


Mria and Agata visited Kumamoto city to confirm the print quality of the work.…

Florent who stays in Oguni-machi had a workshop!!


Land-art ‘The Shadow of Nekodake’.

Congratulations Maria!! 高森町滞在アーティスト、マリア(ポーランド)のランドアートが月廻り公園で完成しました。


We joined ‘Ritual Harvest Ceremony ‘. It was an amazing ceremony combining nature and…


熊本県 文化企画・世界遺産推進課 世界遺産推進班