Rinna Clanuwat

Creative Proposal

I want to talk with the locals and have them write down something that makes them happy, then have them bring something related to that thing. I will then make art and write a story in English, and put this on display for everyone to see. I will make an art installation like a Milky Way in Ubuyama and open it up for viewing.

I also want to add more and more artwork to make Ubuyama more happy and friendly and attract more visitors.

Post-Residency Plans

Ubuyama journal, exhibition, creation of trilingual artbook, documenting stay via Youtube video

I currently work as an editor for the Higo-Thai, which makes children’s books, and I hope to announce this on the news and other media.

Artist in Aso 2014 Work Overview

Rinna is both an illustrator and graphic designer, and used her various skills and tools to create her own original characters. Rinna was recommended by Ubuyama, and you could really feel the love the locals have for this artist. Later on, Rinna added more artwork, like dolls and reliefs, and hung some items from the ceiling, and these additions were popular with visitors. As in her proposal, I think she contributed to making Ubuyama a happier and more friendly place. The graffiti-like illustrations she made were really interesting.

Additional Info