Agata Kadenacy

My Photography is a reflection of the inner mirror and inner world.

In my work I reinterpret the subject through my individual filter of thoughts-using colour and mood I try to work like a painter but with photography creating a world that feels like dreams as well as reality.

My work refers to the state of existence ‚in between‛. I try to Visually show two worlds: the natural and the emotional-inner world. The images I make show a dream like vision in order to question reality.

A photo of mountains can become an existential journey.
I try to work with subtle color and titles for the photos trying to make abstracts out of reality or a state of meditating on the beauty of what we see. But is what we see a reflection of what we feel?

I believe that every image is a dimension/world of its own. Creating an interpretation through photography I want the viewer to experience a dream during reality. Nature is the best artist in the world- working with nature is like capturing art through your vision.

I have a vision and style that I use during my projects. They all have a similar evocative. They question our existence on planet Earth. Through showing a different perspective we can use imagination and reality in order to combine reality and the dream world.

The world that cannot be described with words. As I have been living in different cultures my field of exploration is also showing people in their context of living and their relationship to where they are from.

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