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About the final exhibition work of Florent Poussineau.

Florent Poussineau

Sentiment amoureux,2018

Restaurant Pistache, 2018
「レストラン ピスタチオ 2018」

Ghosts, 2018
「幽霊 2018」


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Florent Poussineau

Would you explain about your works for the exhibition?

I made a restaurant ‘Pistache’ in Tsuetate Onsen trying to make food mixed with Western culture and Japanese culture and make something very deep and philosophical. It was a project for 16 people with 5 different meals, and it was in one evening I tried to invite different people from kids to old age. At the beginning, all the people thought it was a real restaurant but when I gave them some gift, they became more childlike, crazy, make some mistakes and played with games. After that, I tried to contact with people in Oguni. I mean not to talk to them but watch them because I don’t understand what they say. Because there are lives if there are lot of people, I made some drawing so that you can see their world and spirit.
Another thing is that I worked with cedar wood and cooked rice with Onsen stream, it was also a philosophical work. When the rice is cooked, the wood and rice stick together. Its very fragile because if there is much water in the air, it will be too moisty and if it’s too dry, the wood and rice will separate.

How was your impression of Aso?

Everybody is very kind and respectful to people, for example, when you cross a street, a car will always stop and waits and if one person wants to pass, then the other person waits and says ‘go’. In Tsuetate, lots of people don’t speak English so it was the body language try to understand. Everyone tried hard and we could understand very well, it was powerful. I love Tsuetate Onsen, outside view and the landscape is very cool.


私は、西洋文化と日本文化が融合したとても深くて哲学的な料理を作ろうと、杖立温泉のレストラン 「Pistache」 を作りました。16人で5種類の食事をする企画で、ある夜、子供から老人まで様々な人を招待しました。最初はみんな本物のレストランだと思って来ましたが(静かでしたが)、プレゼントをあげると彼らは子供っぽくなったり、クレージーな感じになったり、ゲームで遊んでいるような感じになったりしました。その後、私は小国の人たちとコンタクトを取ろうと試みました。それは彼らと話をするのではなく、彼らが何を言っているのか理解できないので観察するということです。人が多ければいろいろな生活があるので、その世界や精神を作品として描いてみました。




Blog 567

Final Exhibition

Thank you very much for coming to our Final Exhibition ‼️It was a great success.
there was a workshop by an American artist, Bill Claps from New York, who stays in Aso City.
Blog 473

There was a workshop by Bill Claps.

昨夜はニューヨークでヴィジュアルアーティストとしてのみならず、様々な分野で活躍する阿蘇市滞在アーティスト、ビル クラブスさんのワークショップでした!!
Blog 459

Florent Poussineauさんのアートパフォーマンスが開催されました。

昨夜は Florent Poussineau さんの料理に依るアートパフォーマンスがおこなわれました。料理というメディアに日本の印象や地形などを盛り込み、ひな祭りからヒントを得た雛壇も自作し、雛壇に座る人たちと正面で座る一人の人との間の関係性を通じて、大切にすべきこととはなにかを問いかける作品になっていました。
Blog 478

Today was a halloween party.

Today was a halloween party at Jana Marie Cariddi 's residence in Ubuyama village. Party between hard work, everybody enjoyed it.


Mria and Agata visited Kumamoto city to confirm the print quality of the work.…

Florent who stays in Oguni-machi had a workshop!!


Land-art ‘The Shadow of Nekodake’.

Congratulations Maria!! 高森町滞在アーティスト、マリア(ポーランド)のランドアートが月廻り公園で完成しました。


We joined ‘Ritual Harvest Ceremony ‘. It was an amazing ceremony combining nature and…


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