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Maria Wasilewska

Maria Wasilewska Maria Wasilewska Maria Wasilewska

I am a sculptor and the experience of space in the search for a specific thing is of great importance to me.

By the means of art I try to understand and recognise the nature and myself: me as the inherent element of the nature.

I do realise that the cognition will never be final. But, when I create spaces I try to find some constant points of reference. I try to find a rule and then to apply it. The reality is a continual source of inspiration for me. I perceive it intuitively and sensually.

Creating my spatial models I try to create a physically and mentally consistent unity which may contain some particle of information about the world. My intuition brings me in the science, mainly in physics and mathematics, which makes a source of satisfaction for me.

Additional Info

  • NAME: Maria Wasilewska
  • Place to stay (滞在先): Takamori-machi
  • Nationality(国籍): Polish
  • Artist Website (アーティストウェブ・サイト):

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